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Chautauqua Belle

 Bus Groups/ Chautauqua Lake Cruise Western New York: Chautauqua Lake/ Jamestown Region

Chautauqua, [shuh-taw-kwuh] The word Chautauqua rolls off your tongue. Located in the westernmost corner  of upstate, NY. It is a place of beauty, tranquility, and adult education learning. Recognized as the adult world learning center, it’s most famous for attraction- Chautauqua Institution has educational programing throughout a 9 week summer season. A life long learning center, plays, pop concerts, theaters, and opera adorn its calendar throughout. A little over an hour from the 7th wonder of the world- Niagara Falls, Chautauqua Makes a perfect base for your motorcoach  customers with low cost, high value entertainment.

Learn how Chautauqua Lake helped to develop an infant industrial age and bring it to the 20th century with leaders of the time such as HJ Heinz, Lewis Miller(The Combine), Thomas Edison, alexander Graham Bell and many others. Learn how steamboats plied the waters of Chautauqua Lake and their importance in the development of the area on a real steamboat!

The Chautauqua Belle offers many different tour options for your groups! Ranging from day trips to multiple day trips! We are locals so we will act as a receptive for the different activities you will be enjoying while in the Chautauqua/ Niagara area.  At the Chautauqua Belle, we can help plan your groups visit from the hotel accommodations to the daily itinerary. Let us help you make your visit one to remember!

Popular Attractions!

One of our popular attractions is a culinary presentation presented by  Chef Tim. Chef Tim is an incredible chef that will have you entertained as he demonstrates a culinary creation. Learn about his famous salad dressings and enjoy one of his creations while you are there! You cannot miss the candy factory on your trip! At the candy factory, they make the best goat milk fudge around along with many more different types of candy. The candy maker himself/herself will tell you all Chautauqua Belle 8about the candy and how it’s produced right there in the candy store. While you are there take advantage of the gift shops! Coming to Chautauqua means you must go on a boat ride. The best boat ride on the lake is The Chautauqua Belle. The Belle is one of four still remaining steamboats in North America. Sit back and relax as you go back in time cruising down the lake, much like our great, great grandparents would have done. A narrative-historical tour of the lake will provide you with lots of history. Hear about the different communities along the lake, stories from old steamboat captains and see summer homes of the “other half” like the Cornell Family, Studebaker mansion and much more. While cruising the Chautauqua Belle on the lake have a BBQ buffet style meal. A buffet style meal includes BBQ chicken, choice of sides, dinner roll, dessert, and drink. Our newest addition to our learning tour packages is the Grape Discovery Center. Learn about the history of concord grape farming and production from the late 1800’s to today.

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Our Most Popular 1 Day Trip

  • 1 hr 45 Min Steamship Adventure
  • Chicken BBQ -or- Picnic Lunch
  • 2 Additional Area Attractions

Sample Itinerary:

9:00 AM – Candy Factory Tour

10:30 AM- Chautauqua Belle With lunch

1:15 PM- Culinary Presentation

3:30 PM- End of Day

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