Mayville and Chautauqua Historical Tours

Explore the early history of Chautauqua!


Our 1.5 to 1.75 hour Historical Tour tells of the late 1800's time period, when Chautauqua was in its infancy. Listen as we tell you about Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Lewis Miller, and many other industrialists of the era, which vacationed during the summer months in this Utopian community.


The Chautauqua Belle, located on the northern end of Chautauqua Lake in western NY, runs historical tours daily during the 9 week “Chautauqua summer season,” as well as a limited number of weekends on the shoulder seasons of June and September.

What to Expect

These tours are designed to take you back in time…a time when our fledgling nation was in its infancy. In addition to learning the history of the area, you’ll get to experience the beautiful tree lines and get a “front row” view of the million dollar plus mansions as we run the shoreline of Chautauqua’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Enjoy a Paddlewheel Picnic (one of our hearty lunches), snacks from our snack bar, or cold beverages from our full service bar as you watch the lake shore slip by, taking in all the lake has to offer.

Be sure to check above for our departing location as we run from different ports on a daily basis. We hope to see you!!!