Groupon FAQ


*If you are using a Groupon for 2 people please use promo code:  2groupon2017

*If you are using a Groupon for 4 people people please use promo code: 4groupon2017

*To use a groupon for any valid Saturday at 11:00 AM Please Email us at [email protected] with your name, phone number, how many people, date of 11 am trip and Groupon type.  Saturday 11:00 AM Cruises must be booked manually for Groupon users.

All Groupons, free passes, and coupons must be used during the 9 week Chautauqua season, and can be used for all historical cruises and select cocktail cruises. Groupons may be used on any of our daily cruises, except Saturday it may be used only on the 11am cruise. Coupons, groupons and other passes can be redeemed at any port during the summer season for a historical tour or select cocktail cruise. Coupons, free passes or Groupons CANNOT be redeemed for any specialty cruises (unless otherwise specified) and have no cash value.


Can I rebook my reservation?

Of course! All rebooked reservations will be charged a rebooking fee of $3.00 per ticket. Please have your credit card ready when you need to rebook.


Is my groupon, free pass or coupon a reservation?
No!   These are NOT a reservation.  In order to get a reservation you must do so online at our website. You can make a reservation online by entering the number on your coupon in the promo code section!  You must bring your groupon, free pass or coupon with you, or your reservation is not valid.

Am I required to make a reservation ahead of time if I have a Coupon, Groupon, or free pass??
Your Groupons, free passes or coupons are treated the same as a walk up customer at the gangway. We board those with reservations first, cash and Groupon 2nd, credit card payers at the gangway next. You may make a reservation using our online booking service. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A RESERVATION. Just as in past years you may just arrive 15 minutes ahead of time. Only if we are sold out would you not make the boat. Passengers with a coupon can reserve their seats online, you may also purchase a lunch at that time, for the cruise you would like.

If I make a reservation…do I need to bring my coupon?
YES, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED!!! We must scan the bar-code on your Groupon and redeem all other coupons. Please bring your coupon, free pass or Groupon, and if you make a reservation please bring your ticket.

Can I just show you my Groupon on my phone?
Of course! Please have it ready though. We recommend that you screenshot the Groupon bar-code on your phone the night before or on your way. That way you have it already saved and you will not have to worry about cell service. We can then scan the bar-code right on the photo! T-Mobile, Sprint and other small carriers have limited service in the Chautauqua area. You may not be able to load your ticket on your phone as you’re boarding

I have the email from groupon but no bar-code?
When you open your email please make sure you open the voucher as well. If we do not have a bar-code or at least the bar-code number we cannot redeem the Groupon under any circumstances!

How can I purchase a Groupon, or get a free ticket?
Groupons are on sale for a limited time ,during Christmas ONLY! Groupon tickets are sold through Groupon and cannot be purchased through the Chautauqua Belle, at any port, or our ticketing service. It is our best deal of the year!!!

Belong to a nonprofit and having a fundraiser?
We gladly support registered nonprofits with 2 for 1 tickets for your Chinese auction or door prize!  Please email your request with a copy of your exempt certificate. Sorry, without this information we cannot issue free tickets under any circumstances.

Can I use my Groupon for an afternoon trip on Saturday?
No, you can redeem coupons for any historical or cocktail cruise except on Saturday afternoon (from noon on).   You can use it on the 11am Saturday trip. We typically have private parties on board Saturday afternoons, they are closed to the public. Please read your Groupon fine print.

Can I use my coupon pass at any port?
Yes, you can use your free coupon, pass or groupon for any historical or cocktail cruise EXCEPT for the afternoon cruises on Saturdays and any specialty cruises.

My Coupon expired can I still use it?
ABSOLUTELY, however once a coupon has expired we cannot accept the “deal”.   We will treat any expired Groupon at face value (what you paid for it)and you will only have to pay any remaining balance. It is credited at what you paid for it, you never lose the money paid! Please plan accordingly for your summer trips before they expire, do not wait till the last trips of the year.

Are drinks included in the cocktail cruise? I have a coupon with the intent to go on the Cocktail Cruise, are my drinks included?
No, drinks are not included with any coupons, see the fine print!!!  We have a cash bar on board!

If I purchase Multiple Groupons do I have to use them all at the same time?            No, if you purchased multiple Groupons they can be used anytime during the time period printed on your groupon fine print!       

Where is the departure port?
Please check the calendar and the information box on our homepage the morning that you wish go, there may be last minute changes in the departure port due to winds or weather. We do not go out in forecast thunderstorms, winds forecast in excess of 20 MPH or heavy rain.

I checked the weather and it looks fine, why did you close for the day?
We delayed or cancelled only 7 out of 200+ trips in 2016. We only close, cancel , and delay trips if we feel there is some reason we need to do so. Make sure you are checking the weather for Chautauqua, NOT where you live. We are always monitoring the weather and that includes future weather. If we see a thunderstorm coming thru in an hour, we will delay the trip, even if it is sunny and nice right before.  Safely is always our #1 priority.   Please remember we are a business, a small business, and when we are not running we do not make money.  All of our crew loves being out on the lake and wants to be out there just like you do!

Mayville Dock: 78 Water Street, Mayville, NY 14757

*Please check locations on the calendar or the information box on the home page for departure docks and times!!